Valet Parking Insurance Coverage

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Insurance Coverage

Rent A Frog Valet, LLC is fully insured to park cars anywhere in Texas. We carry a $2 Million Garage Keepers’ Liability policy.

This policy covers damage to a vehicle which was the result of a Rent A Frog employee’s actions.

An additional General Liability policy covers any injury or bodily harm, in the event an accident involving another person occurs as the result of the negligence of a valet attendant.

Rent A Frog Valet carries Workers’ Compensation on all its valet attendants.

Insurance in the valet parking industry is not always a straightforward matter. Consumers must be cautious as it is difficult to establish whether a company you are thinking about using has insurance which allows them to valet park cars on city streets, parking lots and/or third party property.

Here is what to look for:

Garage Keepers Liability (GKL) insurance covers the damage to cars due to the actions of a valet. Valet companies can “have insurance” but their coverage does not extend to street parking, it only covers the parking lot on location.

Be careful when contracting with a valet company since you will be left holding the bag if they don’t have the insurance to cover an accident at your home.

General Liability insurance covers the actions of a valet attendant in the event he/she damages someone or something besides a car.

Workers Compensation covers the valet parkers in the event they get hurt on the job. This insurance is always a must so corporations, businesses or homeowners do not have any liability exposure with the valet.

If you are shopping around for valet parking and a company doesn’t have all three of these policies, keep shopping!

The bottom line is accidents do occur and you should have the peace of mind knowing the valet company you chose is fully covered for any unforeseen problem.

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