Fort Worth Valet Restrictions

Fort Worth Valet Restrictions2018-08-15T16:15:21-05:00

When choosing a valet parking company to hire in Fort Worth, the valet operator MUST be an approved vendor with the City of Fort Worth.

The City of Fort Worth verifies that valet companies have the proper insurance to work on city streets.

If the valet company you choose is not approved by the City, then your event is at risk of being shut down by the police.

If you are a commercial establishment, the valet company you hire is required to obtain a valet permit for the event.

This permit is $75 and a copy must be at your event. You can contact The Streets & Use Permit Office with the City of Fort Worth to verify you are choosing an approved valet operator.

There are dozens of valet choices in the Metroplex and it is important to pick one with insurance. Some companies will tell you they have insurance but contacting the City will verify their accuracy.

Fort Worth is the only city in the Metroplex that has a valet ordinance.

City of Fort Worth Street Use Department: 817-392-7894